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    Cool Bikes and clubs

    Anybody out there ever heard of an attachmernt for carriying golf clubs. It would be great to put two passions in one afternoon. 02RT1150

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    No, but I've been searching for a smart solution to carry multiple aluminum tubed flyrods.

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    For flyrods, would a plastic drafting tube work? I carry drawings regularly with a tube across the back of the passenger seat up against the trunk. They have stayed dry so far. A passenger could ride along but would probably not love it. ymmv

    Mine is 3" diameter, and usually a little over 36" long(the TUBE!). It will telescope to longer than you could carry crosswise. At 36" it is within the saddlebag width.
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    Re: Bikes and clubs

    Originally posted by ladriver399
    Anybody out there ever heard of an attachmernt for carriying golf clubs. It would be great to put two passions in one afternoon. 02RT1150
    This reminds me of the person who I blame for my moto-disease. I ride because a Southern Baptist minister, who was the father of one of my childhood friends, rode a bike when I was young and took me and my friend (his son) riding all the time in the summer. Since he had 2 to take around, one would wait at the house while he took the other for a short tour of the small town where I grew up. We'd switch out riders for hours. The minister, the Rev. Charles Milam - a wonderful man, was also the one who performed my wedding ceremony, and is a golf nut. Just before we walked into the sanctuary for the wedding(this was 10 years ago), he leaned over to me and said, "you know, I've been trying for 5 years to get the country club in Ashland to let me strap my clubs to a motorcycle and use it instead of a golf cart. They just won't let me." He was over 70y.o. at the time. He was considering looking for a club/course that would let him. I have always hoped that some where, sometime, some club/course would allow a bike as an alternate "cart", even though I am not a golf nut. Just always wanted Charlie to have a place to ride and play at the same time.

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    golf club bag

    There was/is a company called CaddyPac that makes a bag designed for motorcycle riders.

    Their web site seems to be currently inoperative, but perhaps you can do a search for more information.

    I hope this helps.

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    If you have Bungie Buddies installed on your sidecases, just place the bag across the back seat and secure a bungie cord over each end of the bag. The bag must have a cover over the clubs to keep them from falling out, but most bags come with such a cover. I have carried my clubs this way many times. If you don't know about Bungie Buddies, I can send you a picture.

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    go to your locale welding shop and have a bracket built to hold your clubs. then attach to one side instead of the bag, it could hod either the club bag or one of the travel bag I have seen at the airports.

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