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Thread: Auxiliary Lighting Alternative- Mondo Bullet Lights

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    Auxiliary Lighting Alternative- Mondo Bullet Lights

    Ordered my set in November and finally got around to installing them on my 2002 R1150R today. In a word- AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We installed them in the bolt hole for the oil coolers:

    Clean and elegant design made them fit sweetly in place:

    Wish I could take credit for it but my buddy suggested the location.

    Switch was installed on the inside of left hand turn signal assembly:

    Low beam only:

    Low and Mondo Lights: In a word BAM!!!!!

    Thinking about ordering set for the LT where the Piaas normally go in under the front cowling. At $136 for the lights and harness, it's a steal when compared to Motolights. Disclaimer: I don't have a interest in this product other than thinking that it's a great alternative to Motolights.

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    Guest is another great source for lower cost LED lighting.

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    Light triangle

    One thought to add:
    I was told that creating a light triangle helps others calculate your approach speed better. The triangle getting larger registers with our brain very effectively. One common way to die on a moto is having a car/truck turn in front of you and later say, "I didn't see him" or "I thought he was farther away". Supposedly, in Europe, you cannot put aux. lights in a row, ie, one on either side of the headlight, due to this perception issue.
    Also, the bigger the triangle, the better this works.
    My PIAAs on my brake calipers have kept everyone away from me (I run them day and night) and even make some drivers pull to the right to let me pass. (How polite!)

    Safe riding!

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