I'm trying to figure out how to use my new iPhone 5 and its mic-equipped earbuds paired with my Zumo 550. The Bluetooth pairing works fine and I can make and receive phone calls with the earbuds plugged into the iPhone, but I can't hear the other party and they can't hear me.
I assume the earphone plug on the Zumo doesn't accommodate a microphone input, which is why I have the earbuds plugged into the iPhone.
Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to play Zumo sound (directions, XM Sirius) through the iPhone via the Bluetooth connection.
What I want is the ability to hear all of my Zumo output, plus make and receive working phone conversations with my earbuds.
Has anyone solved this problem?
(What I'm trying to avoid here is adding a headset and speakers to my helmet. If I can sort this out, I want to buy a set of earplug speakers with iPhone mic attached, sold by Marilyn Navia at plugup.com)