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Thread: 2013 Official Rally Vendor Thread

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    2013 Official Rally Vendor Thread

    Welcome to all attending this years rally. As in the past couple of Rally Events, in cooperation with all involved, we at the Mod Team put together a thread that would bring about all the necessary aspects on the commercial side of The Rally into the Forum. With the great feedback and cooperation, we are doing it this year.

    Welcome to the official Vendor thread for our 2013 rally. As we all know it is against forum posting rules to place ads in the forum other than in member opportunities. As the rally is a special occasion, the moderator team and the rally management/chairs have got together for a special Vendor thread in the rally section of the forum. First-you must be a Vendor at the 2013 Rally to post in this thread! Posts in this thread are to follow the same Posting Guidelines as the member opportunities section. Any vendor with questions can contact a member of the MOD Team if they have a question on Posting Guidelines
    Thanks and have a great rally.
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    Following is a current list of vendors signed up for the rally. Info will be updated as it becomes available.

    1. 6th Gear Racing Apparel -
    2. Adriatic Moto Tours -
    3. Adventures 57 -
    4. Alaska Leather ?
    5. Alpstein Adventure -
    6. Altrider, LLC -
    7. Atomic Moto -
    8. Ayres Adventures -
    9. Barker Performance -
    10. Beach's Motorcycle Adventures, Ltd. -
    11. Beaverton Motorcycles Riding Gear
    12. BeemerShop. Inc. -
    13. Big Ear, Inc. -
    14. Bike House Adventure SA de CV -
    15. Bill Mayer Saddles ?
    16. Bing Agency International, L.L.C. -
    17. Black Dog Cycle Works -
    18. Blue Moon Cycle -
    19. Bob's BMW -
    20. Brite Ears, LLC -
    21. BurnsMoto -
    22. Butler MAPS -
    23. Christian Motorcycle Association
    24. Clearwater Lights -
    25. Clutch Moto Tours - (under construction)
    26. Costa Rica BMW Tours -
    27. Cycle Wipes -
    28. EarthX, Inc. Lithium Batteries -
    29. Edelweiss Bike Travel -
    30. E-Z Touring -
    31. Shonley Enterprises -
    32. Fit-Ear -
    33. Freedom Bag, Inc. -
    34. Giant Loop ?
    35. GIVI USA, Inc -
    36. Global Rescue -
    37. Iberian Moto Tours (IMT Bike) -
    38. Ilium Works -
    39. Jesse Luggage Systems ?
    40. Kermit Chair Company -
    41. KLIM USA -
    42. Knopf Motorrad Reisen -
    43. LD Comfort -
    44. Magic Massage Therapy -
    45. Max Moto Inc./Remus USA ?
    46. Mayberry's Sherpa Service -
    47. Medjet Assist, LLC -
    48. Michelin Motorcycle Tires -
    49. MotoChello , Inc. ?
    51. Motoport USA -
    52. MotoQuest Tours ?
    53. Motorcycle Travel Network -
    54. MotoTrip -
    55. Mr. Ed?s Moto Accessories -
    56. Nick Plenzick Enterprises -
    57. No-Mar Enterprises -
    58. Oregon Dual Sport Rental & Adventure
    59. PeruMotors ?
    60. PIAA Corporation, USA -
    61. Redverz Gear LLC -
    62. Rescue Tape /Jeff Cohen
    63. RIDE Adventures -
    64. RKA -
    65. RoadRunner Magazine ?
    66. RoadGear -
    67. ROK Straps USA -
    68. Rykel Industries (Crampbuster) -
    69. Salem Honda BMW -
    70. Sargent Cycle Products -
    71. Schuberth North America, LLC -
    72. Skene Design, LLC -
    73. SkyMed International -
    74. Sound Rider! -
    75. Sports Plaza (Tire Changing)
    76. Tahoe ATV MC -
    77. Te Waipounama Motorcycle Tours -
    78. The Rider's Workshop, LLC -
    79. The Service Pavilion -
    80. Touratech-USA -
    81. Trail Tech, Inc. -
    82. Twisted Throtle ?
    83. Wunderlich America -
    85. ZTechnik/National Cycle -

    Posted on behalf of the Rally Commercial Vendor Team
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    Mayberry's Sherpa Service

    I will be there providing the usual camping services.

    Mayberry's Sherpa Service will provide, set up, and tear down the following:
    dome tent 7' x 7' (single) or 9' x 7' (double)
    air mattress
    sleeping bag (single), 2 sleeping bags (double)
    clean towel each day

    Your Sherpa Camp includes:
    Shade Canopies
    Coffee in the morning
    12V Cell phone charging (open area, not secure)
    Ice water and community ice chests (with ice)

    Short ON article:

    Reserve and pay with credit card at:
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    Smile Oregon Dual Sport Rental & Adventures

    Greetings from Central Oregon!
    We are very excited to be vendors at the 2013 BMW International Rally! We are Oregon Dual Sport Rental & Adventures. We rent dual sport motorcycles. Our current fleet includes 2 BMW F800GS', a BMW F650GS, A BMW Dakar 650GS, 2 Kawasaki KLR 650's, 2 Suzuki DRZ 400's, and a Kawasaki KLX 250. One of our F800's, and our F650 are already rented for the rally, but the rest of the bikes are currently available. If you would like to reserve a bike, please call us at (541)520-4929. We will be bringing all the bikes to the rally, and the ones that have not been previously reserved, will be available for rent.

    Would you like to try the GS Giant course? Our DRZ's and KLX are the perfect size, and will be available at $20 an hour.

    American Airlines now has flights from Los Angeles, to Redmond, Oregon. Reserve a bike before, or after the rally, and do some touring of Oregon. (Airport codes LAX and RDM) If you are flying in, and renting a bike, you may send your gear to us ahead of time, and save the hassle with the airlines.

    We look forward to meeting you at the rally!

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    AUTOCOM will be at the BMW MOA Rally in Salem!!!

    Bryan McGuire, the importer for AUTOCOM, and I will be at the rally in two weeks. If you want to see what is new with Autocom or just buy parts and accessories, we'll be there! We'll have an inside booth and an outside service bay for installs. Come and talk about bike communications systems with us! I'm in the process of writing a review of wired vs bluetooth technologies so I'm definitely up to speed on why AUTOCOM might still be your BEST solution!

    Look for AUTOCOM DIRECT in the rally materials to find our booths!!!
    Lisa Malachowsky, "Ex" MOA Director
    2014 BMW R1200GSW-L / 2016 BMW R1200RTW-Low

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