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    Ol salt

    Volunteers needed

    Still need Volunteers


    Originally Posted by F Turner
    If you are a Lima "Closeite" and willing to help the Hospitality and Information Commettee can use your ceativity and unique understanding of Ohio.

    Beemerville is going to be the best ever and the one reason is that there will be so many surprises.

    The rally Chairperson has constructed an agenda that you will not believe.

    And you can add you special knowledge about Ohio and the Lima area by being a part of the Hospitality group.

    You can sign up to show all Beemerville friends how much fun Beemerville is going to be at

    We look forward to sharing your unique view of Ohio

    Fred Turner

    We in Hospitality still need volunteers.
    Come on you Buckeyes, this is our time to shine and put on a super rally for our organization. We really could use your assistance. You don't have to be familiar with the area, just want to meet and be of assistance to others.
    If you are interested please contact Fred Turner or myself asap. We still have 19 two hour shifts to fill. Will forward you the list of shifts and you can choose which you desire.but First come , first serve.

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    I can take a shift or two. I'll have to see what my schedule is like.

    Doug Mc Gee
    Ice-Co Chair

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    Howard. I talked with Fred yesterday. I let him know that Stephanie and I will be available. I am schedule for the ERC corurse Friday morning and will not be available during that time frame. Fred says that even though we are from MI were are hospitable enough to help.

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    Ol salt
    Thanks Pat for stepping up!!

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    My buddy and I will arrive Wed,I'll volunteer for something,just not sure what,where ever I'm needed I guess.

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    Hi, We will be arriving Wed. also, it is our first Rally, and while I am planning to help the RV guy, [I think], on Thurs., my wife is available to help Thurs. or Fri., etc. I think she would be good in registration, she is very personable, but let us know how she [we] can help. You will find us inside the old Airhead VW Camper, bright red, that goes by the name of "LUCY".

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    Tues arrival

    I will probably be arriving Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll be available to help out

    Bill in Minneapolis

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    Wed arrival

    I will also arriving on Wed and wondered if you all still needed help? If so drop me a line and let me know .


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    Ol salt
    Still need 4 people on Sat.
    2 for 1-3
    2 for 3-5
    See me in hospitality or volunteer Chairman BoB Malehorn to help elsewhere.
    Thanks for volunteering somewhere.

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