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Thread: Does a 2014 F800R exist?

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    Does a 2014 F800R exist?

    Does BMW make a 2014 F800R? I scoured the BMWMotorad web site and can't find that model? What gives? I wanted to check some specs on the bike i am going to win.
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    Is that the bike everyone seemed to dislike? The greenish looking thing? I felt bad for it so I bought a ticket.....50/50 is't too bad ONS
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    Around September of last year, I was talking to a dealer that had just received word that 2014 F800R's would not be sent to dealers in the US. The email he received said that the floor space freed up by this decision would allow room for more popular US models. He did say that new models would still be produced for markets outside the US.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnslow View Post
    I wanted to check some specs on the bike i am going to win.
    You can check the specs on the International site. You'll just have to do a little converting.

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