When I order parts for my Airhead due to no reasonably close dealer, I pretty much rotate my business from Bobs, Max and Repsycle. Last week I was ordering the pushrod seals and "O" rings so that I would be prepared to start the re-sealing job.

I went on line to Max where it turns out that the parts come to about $12.00. As I processed the order the lowest shipping price that I could find was about $13.00. This bothered me to pay as much for shipping as the parts themselves cost, the small size & weight of the parts added to my concern.

I decided to check elsewhere, Repsycle had the parts for within a dollar or so. The shipping came to $3.50. I placed my order with Repsycle, Shortly I received a padded "scotch" brand envelope about 7"X9" with .30? postage (first class no less) containing my parts.

I have no idea why either one charges as they do. I just know that I saved $10.00 on the deal.