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Thread: R1200RT LED Supplemental Brake Light

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    Supplemental Brake Light for R1200RT Top Cases

    I have a question and quest related to this thread, and hope that someone on this forum can assist.

    I have a 2012 R1200RT that I bought very slightly used (less than 100 miles) but it already had a large, color matching top case mounted that was really a top case for the K1600. This surprised me at the time, but it matches up with the bike so well I was very happy it was already installed.

    I want to install the supplemental brake light above on the top case where it goes if the case was on a K1600 (BMW Part #77518520044), but have been told that this K1600 lighting accessory is not compatible with the CANBUS R1200RT electrical system.

    However, I notice that the item description on the Sierra BMW web site says it IS compatible with the "R1200RT WC (14-)". Is the 2014 R1200RT not CANBUS?

    Does anyone on this forum know if there is a compatible top case break light I can use, or any way I can adapt the BMW OEM light?

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    All newer BMW motorcycles except some single cylinder ones use the CANBUS system of electrical management. So the answer is yes, the 1600 indeed uses the CANBUS system.
    The actual German acronym for this system is ZFE. If you buy an accessory or a charger, you may see " CANBUS compatible" or "ZFE" mentioned.

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