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We also have been looking conspicuous rear lighting. These look like they might be a little over the top but work. I was thinking of using velcro that way I could move them between the mud flap and the side cases of the RT. The 8" ones should fit. These Dual Color Plasma Mega Rods should get us noticed.
Low Intensity Red Running, High Intensity Red Brake, High Intensity Yellow Turn Signal - All in one Sleek Plasma Rod
Dual Converters Included, No Modules Required
Wiring is a Simple as Connecting Orange Wire to Running Light, Red Wire to Brake Light, Yellow Wire to Turn, Black to Ground

Nothing said about affecting the can bus. The site is set up for the H-D riders.
They look awesome, but they won't work as intended on a CANbus bike. There is only one lead for the running and brake light as it is controlled via PWM (pulse width modulation)