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Thread: Wiring my Piaa's on the RT

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    Cool Wiring my Piaa's on the RT

    Have a 2009 R1200RT and have mounted new LED Piaa's. Really unsure what line to tap into for a "ignition switch only". A pic and color lead would be very helpful for this electronically challenged rider. Thanks so much in advance. Tried to tap into rear brake light but a buzzing emitted from the battery area when touching the lead wire to the hot side of light.

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    I'm not sure what the PIAA is looking for in the way of a power source, but if it's simply a power source that is switched with the ignition, one of the ones a lot of people use is the power for the parking light in the headlight (that's the little tiny bulb that glows before you start the engine with the ignition on..) This power source doesn't have a 30 second switch-off delay like some others do on the bike. Dunno how hard it is to get to on an RT (it's easy on an R12R), but it's where I'd start looking. As far as colors - one lead will be brown - that's the ground. The other lead going to it will NOT be brown - that's the switched power and where you might attach your connection.

    I would avoid using a connector like the blue "ScotchLok" wire taps - they destroy the wire they're connecting to. If you can't solder (it seems to be a dying art) - then a connector like a "Positap" does the least damage to the wire. If the kit you got came with ScotchLok connectors, I'd suggest throwing them away and replace any with Positap connectors (which can be found easily on line, and at some dealers who carry electrical accessory wiring like for heated gear.)

    I'm guessing that the connection is likely to be for the power source for a relay, and in this case the additional load won't cause any issues on that circuit.

    Good luck!
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