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Thread: Shipping Bike to AK

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    Shipping Bike to AK

    I'm considering shipping my bike from CO to either Haines or Anchorage, AK this May. Any advice and lessons learned would be appreicated. Thanks.

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    Pack it well!

    A rough trip by truck, so be sure your shipper KNOWS his stuff? I used to truck, 18 wheelers in BC and Alberta long ago, know my knowledge of this. Seattle/VancouverBC HAVE shipping via waterways, probably a much safer option,imo. . A tough shopping list I think, finding this request, but probably out there. Randy

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    Barging to AK would be the way most shipping is done. Cars, equipment etc. Leaves SEA several times a week.

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    Thumbs up Alaska Marine Highway

    You might consider the Alaska Marine Highway ferries. One leaves from Bellingham WA, cruises up the inside passage, and can land you in Skagway or Haines. The ferry takes bikes as well as cars, trucks, etc... It's a really scenic and stress free way to get up there. IMHO.
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    I lived in Alaska for many years. I know of several people who shipped bikes on Alaska Airlines flights. The cost was reasonable according to those who shipped.

    Go over on ADV Rider's Alaska regional forum and do a search. I know that inmate Cubdriver has posted about his experiences shipping a F650GS twin on Alaska Air.

    EDIT: Look here:
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