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Just picked a buck as to where it was back say in the mid nineties. Buck eighty would also work. What's crude really worth? At the wellhead? The price of any commodity, oil included, and ethanol enriched gas, should controlled by market demand. However, when the barrel of crude yields too little profit, usually OPEC steps up, lowers production, and the prices come roaring back. Or in the instance of 1974, they simply conspired to raise the price.

Exempting two wheelers, kiddies dirt bikes, watercraft, snowmobiles, etc. from ethanol use just makes common sense. There is simply not enough of this type of use to warrent legal control. An impartial objective study would reveal much as to how much fuel is actually used in these vehicles annually as compared to the big burners, cars, trains, planes, trucks and busses.

Some want to burn ethanol, others question it's use, even it's possible benefit to payback ratio.
What can be said except that it's still debatable. In Minnesota legislators wisely allowed pumps, at the stations' expense, to sell non ethanol gas, which I use, for engines requiring no ethanol, and the pumps are so labeled for special use only. Not much of this gas is sold, or burned, not a problem.
Relative to small vehicles,

BMW and Honda (even more so Honda) have the technical talent to handle any design challenge. If I recall correctly, GM relies, or has relied, on Mercruiser for the build and development of Corvette engines. I doubt that Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki will be too disadvantaged.

Relative to the days when gas was cheap in the 1990's..............it was the exchange rate. At that time, the dollar was 30~40% higher in value relative to the European currencies.