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Thread: Sena SMH10 connect to GTL's sound system

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    Sena SMH10 connect to GTL's sound system

    I am about ready to throw caution to the wind and get myself a 2013 GTL. Can anyone tell me if I wil have connectivity problems with my current favorite BT comm system, the Sena SMH10? My main interest is music and simple conversation with my passenger or fellow riding buddy. I don't care for phone connectivity and do not use that feature, nor do I care about spoken instructions from a GPS. I can read the instructions just fine.
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    I have the SMH10 dual that we use on the GT. I originally had issues setting it up to work but the Sena tech line, Dean in particular, walked me through the process; operator error...
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    I have a 2013 GT and no problem pairing SMH10 with Sound System, iPhone and Nav.

    I'm an audio nut and found the sound quality on BT was not what I was looking for. I bought the earbud conversion kit, a little better. Next step is to take the audio from the SMH10, audio from the bike and the radar det and send it to a MixIt2 then to my earbuds. Yes I'll still have cables to deal with, but the audio clarity is worth it to me.
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    It'll work just fine but volume control on left grip won't work, you'll have to use the controls on helmet

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    If you want to be able to use the handlebar mounted volume control and have your passenger hear the same music and GPS you do, you'll need to install the Sena SM10. Adam at Rocket Moto,, can help you out with clear instructions and all the parts you'll need. We did it on our GTL and we have both intercom and music. The intercom comes on when my wife presses the button on the SMH10. It works well and the install was easy.

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    Have no real problems with the Sena 10. Connects to the BMW bluetooth for radio and music, my phone connects through my 660 which gives me the GPS info and also connects with another rider as intercom. Once in awhile, it will start to break up and seems like interference starts ithe break up. I just turn off the radio and back on and it reconnects okay. The SENA works better at the BMW bluetooth than N-com and I really liked the n-com with the gps and phone.
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    I have a 2013 GTL and am using the gen 1 SMH10's for myself and pillion.

    Had an issue initially that the GTL will only connect 'HELMET 1" to a non-BMW bluetooth device. This meant that I could listen to the bikes stereo but pillion could not. She had to be connected to her own music source. We could still use the com to talk with each other. As said above the Wonder Wheel would not control volume on the SMH10.

    I originally purchased the SMH10's from Adam at Rocket Moto so i went back to Adam for help with this issue.

    Adam set me up after I explained everything I have, want and issues. I do NOT have the Nav IV.

    Added a PDM60 for power, the Sena SM10, Rocket Moto's wiring harness for the SM10 (connected to a dedicated circuit programmed to 3 amps on the PDM60), Autocom 2275 and 4004 wiring harnesses. 2275 splices into the speaker out wires outside of the Alpine unit then into the Audio In on SM10. 4004 connect SM10 Aux port to the 3.5mm port on phone.

    Now we can both listen to the bikes stereo, Wonder Wheel controls volume, voice commands come from phone (Motorola Droid Razr) to helmet.

    We occasionally run into some compatibility issues with the gen 1 SMH10's and SM10. This is something I'm battle with Sena on.

    I also added three (3) 3R Powersports TAPP 2.1 USB outlets for charging devices while riding. These are all connected to one circuit on the PDM60 programmed at 7 amps.
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    Still Looking for a BT that works ?

    I have a 2013 K1600 GTL. I rode with a BMW BT headset in a Test Pilot helmet and didn't like the wind noise and the volume was very low. I ride with ear plugs all the time. I think that BMW has missed the boat with this radio set up. My K LT had a GREAT radio and very low wind noise. I don't like the fact that if I use a after market BT that I have to do all these modifications to make it compatible with the BMW audio. Is there anyone that can tell me how to turn the volume up on the stock radio.

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