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Thread: 1992 R100 ignition

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    1992 R100 ignition

    The '92 R100 needs a new ignition sensor (so I was told). Do I go new BMW part or is there a more cost effective alternative$?

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    Call Motorrad Elektrik

    I just replaced my beancan. Purchased from Rick. Easy to install and starts 2 nd revolution. He's sells good stuff and has excellent instructions with his product.
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    Translation: "Rick" =
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    You do have a few options. You can get an aftermarket Alpha can like Rick Jones sells. I put one in a couple of months ago and it has worked just great. But that was expensive (although way less expensive than an OEM replacement). I was just tried of chasing screwball ignition problems and decided to cure the problem with money. There are a couple of other options - On Avidrider, I saw a discussion of a "Red Centre" igntion that appears similar to the one Rick Jones sells - that one had two Hall Effect sensions and lead wires coming out of the can - idea was that you could switch to a working sensor without too much effort if one died.

    There are also some good articles out there about servicing your bean can and replacing the Hall Effect Sensor yourself - if I recall correctly, you can buy the the sensors for around $25 off the net.

    Also, if you switched to one of the Euro motoelectrics permanent magnet alternators, they have an ignition trigger that mounts on the alternator and obsoletes the bean can. There are also (possibly) solutions from Silent Hectik and Boyer Branson, but for one of the later airheads like yours, I don't think you would regret running that Alpha ignition that Rick Jones sells.

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