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Thread: '95 R100R Ohlins problem

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    '95 R100R Ohlins problem

    My '95 R100R has an Ohlins shock installed by the previous owner. There is a serial number on the spring that reads 1096-24/80 487, and a number on the plate at the bottom of the spring that reads 629-01. I recently had the shock recharged and the bushings replaced. I have the pre-load set to maximum. The problem is the plate at the bottom of the spring hits the paralever. I'm not sure if it's under compression or extension. I'm not talking about "catching air" or major "whoop-de-doos". Just normal spirited riding. I cannot feel when it hits and the bike rides great, but the clamp holding the boot in place and some of the aluminum is being damaged. Any ideas or suggestions as to whether or not this is fixable. Many thanks.


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    Can you mount the shock the other way around and would it make a difference if you did?

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    The plate hits the paralever?...sure seems like the spring sticks out further? Can the spring be rotated such that the gap in the spring or a different curved part of the spring is nearest the paralever? I wonder if it would be possible to exercise the shock manually so that you can really visualize what might be happing.
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    I have the same shock on my '91 GS and do not have this issue. Looks like the static position of the swing arm is too high... Thinking the sag setting is not right or someone tried to lower the bike through a shorter spring and preload adjustment as it does not look you have much adjustment left to increase the lift on the shock adjustment.
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    I'm going to guess it hits under compression.

    The numbers on the spring indicate its rate and free length. The number on the collar is a part number.

    Gotta ask:
    - Do you know if this was happening before?
    - Is it the same shock? Even at full compression it shouldn't touch anything.
    - Is it the same spring which was on before? Its been known to happen that, during the rebuild process, one spring gets mixed up with others.
    - If yes, are you sure its at max preload? From the picture it looks like there's only about 3/4" preload in there. Ohlins typically have a lot of thread with which to play.
    - Do you have the stock shock with which to compare this one?
    - Has the bike somehow been lowered? Different torque arm?

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    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. Rotating the spring does not make a difference. The remote hydraulic pre-load is set to maximum, I have not adjusted the mechanical pre-load. Can I increase the shock length with the mechanical pre-load? I think that the shock has been hitting the paralever since I bought the bike, although it took some time for me to notice any damage to the paralever. I hadn't considered that the spring may be short. I am currently looking for someone who can decifer the serial number to determine if it is the appropriate spring. My guess now is that I may be able to solve the problem by increasing the length of the shock. I am always impressed with the quick responses from you all.

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