I posted a thread asking advice on choosing between RT / RS. But I could not give up on a good local deal and end up buying a 1200 C . I did not mean to waste your time asking for advice about Rt/ RS. I apologize to all of you who answered the post.

The temptation landed me on a 2004 R1200C with 6,500 miles. I was not able to resist the low miles, good tires, battery, ABS and touring bags. I paid 4700. Part of the decision was based on a memorable trip I took 2 years ago from New Jersey to Key West FL. I traveled on my old 2002, Moto Guzzi Stone, a bike which is a bit along the same lines.

Now that I have plunged without doing research, I need your advice regarding the bad and the good points of the 1200 C , especially bad ones. Do I have to worry about the spline problem?