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Thread: Amtrak Auto Train

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    Amtrak Auto Train

    There is an "off the beaten path" if I ever heard of one..... loading your bike on the train!

    I'm thinking about taking the train this summer when we go north to ride Canada. Anyone done it? Good, bad, or ugly? They are quoting $560 for 2 people, 1 bike, 1 trailer, and a "sleeper" upgrade. Dollars and cents it's cheaper to ride the 900 miles, but than again if the experience is worth it, what the hell?

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    Did it with my wife when we went to Cape Brenton was much better than slogging 95 to get to cooler weather. after we got off in Lorton went NW on back roads to Gettysburg then North to the Poconos then NE to New England then to Canada left Deland around 4 got to VA around 8am good nite sllep was well worth it.
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    Thanks for the review.... just booked it

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    We did it several years ago and I wouldn't mind doing it again but it is costly. The sleeper car is definitely the way to go, expecially during "snow bird" migration. We rode coach and it was a bit of an experience riding with the grannys fighting over seats, the tv, etc.

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