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Hi everyone new member here from upstate NY. I've been riding a 2011 G 650 GS since May of last year and am truly enjoying it. Started my riding "experience" back in 1972 on a little Honda QA50 3 speed with an automatic clutch after hurricane Agnes wiped out all of our toys. A few months in to that summer of '72 flood clean up Mom and Dad asked my brother and me if we'd rather replace our games and toys OR "go get a couple of minibikes?" The rest as they say is history. I'm looking forward to making new friends here at MOA.
Since 99.5% of the NY land mass is "Upstate" could you guys be a bit more definitive. Since you mentioned Agnes, I assume you're near the North Branch of the Susquehanna. Is that so?

Otherwise, welcome to the cranky, semi anti-social world of the BMWMOA forums. We do bipolar better than most