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Thread: Which RT should I choose

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    Everyone has their own preferences and my opinion is just that, what I prefer.
    I personally, feel a windshield is only half of the protection when touring- AKA riding on highways and interstates. I want a fairing to keep the cold air as well as the wind off me, for that adds to my fatigue, and also to reduce the rain and road spray on my feet and legs. As for summer heat, I can switch to a lighter or vented armored jacket or take the car, as I do in the winter snow and cold!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Wanderer View Post
    edit: Turns out the question at hand is a moot one anyway since the OP went out and bought a 1200CL.

    He got close to the RT riding position but with a much lower seat and center of gravity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EMSimon View Post
    Ergonomics are a big issue and a deciding factor, definitely. But I have my doubts the RS is in the original condition. If it is, it is probably one of two in the U.S. that are. Most have been modified with footpeg relocation kits, handlebar risers and higher windshields.

    Well I guess I have purchased the other one then! Last year I found and purchased a 2004 RS with 1800 miles (totally original and still is)

    Although now with 6000 miles on her I am not looking back - I agree to most of the posters that state the RS is great for medium length rides out into the country but for me not much more. I do not dispute it can go much much further but the sit and beg position does lend itself to much much longer, comfortable rides.

    Another area to consider is if your riding 2 up - the RT really shines if you are looking to ride with a friend. My gf thought she would be much happier on the RS than on my Ducati - but she is not and find a backrest is needed to make it work (something I am not happy on doing since our 2 up is infrequent and in my opinion will ruin the lines of the bike).

    At the end of the day I will be buried with my RS I love it but - I initially was looking for more of a refined "sport" tourer (wanted a canted position) that I could ride / blast around on on the weekend and not walk away with a sore back .
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    It seems everyone is jumping the gun and not answering your question. If you want an RT get one with less miles on it.

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    It seems that some delight in resurrecting "dead threads", while others do a wonderful job of ignoring original questions. The OP purchased a R1200C, and of the 2 original bikes he was looking at, only one was an RT, the other was an RS- so discussion of the differences between those models quickly became pertinent to the conversation.
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