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Thread: 90 R 100 GSPD suspension upgrade

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    good morning, here is plan revision #3 , I came up with it while riding my bicycle yesterday, and e-mailed it to Matt Wiley of Race Tech as soon as I got home. I want to purchase another right side ( rebound ) damping rod and check valve assembly , modify it per Race Tech's recommendations and install it in the left side, with a gold valve on top. Matt e-mailed me back yesterday and said this will work !!! he said they have done similar conversions, which I take to mean not a R 100 GS . anyway there you have it Matt says it will work great if I don't mind spending the dough ! so its off to the dealer to order up, they told me yesterday $169.25 for what I need. unfortunately the parts are coming from Germany so it will take 3 weeks to get them. so as near as I can tell I will have the first R 100 GS with compression and rebound damping in both forks, cool. all because my local shop told me " the kit comes with 2, of course you use them both " serendipity ! how about that? now all I have to do is figure out how to get the spring seat off the end of the damping rod ( per race tech's instructions ) , it looks like it is pressed on. I will e-mail Matt on Monday and ask his recommendation.
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