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Thread: Correct speedometer ratio 56 R26

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    Correct speedometer ratio 56 R26

    Does anyone know the correct ratio speedometer for a 1956 R26? It has a 1.60 speedometer in it now.

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    What rear drive ratio do you have? If it has the typical 25/6 rear drive, a 1.60 speedo is correct.

    Have you had an opportunity to do some timed runs over a measured mile or two? That will ultimately let you know how close the readings are.
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    Thanks Kurt. That is the rear ratio I have. Just wanted to verify the speedo is correct before I send it off for repair. The original speedometer locked up and twisted the cable in two. Just for what it's worth I purchased a $25 plus $15 shipping speedo from the made in India guys on Ebay. It came to East Texas in 3 days. It works really well for filling the hole in the headlight shell while I get the original repaired. It looks good, fits good and if you wait about 30 minutes while running at about 55 mph it will get all the way up to about 40 mph indicated. Then it will take about 30 seconds to come back to zero after you stop. Like I said it will keep rain out of the headlight bucket nicely!

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