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Tinnitus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinnitus Yeah tales of a misspent youth can tell part of the story. I've seen many threads recently on "what kind of earplugs" and "quietest helmet" recently and wonder if there are any other sufferers of this annoying malady and what do you do to "temper" off the effects. Ear plugs and helmets.....well if you have it- you know. OM
My tinnitus started only 3 years ago after a concussion; I'm 65 now, so I haven't suffered with it as long as a lot of folks here.

But, ear plugs or better helmet does not keep me from hearing the sound of cicadas 24 hours a day. I raised up under a electric meter box and hit my head above my left eye. The next night, I ask my wife if she heard all those cicadas outside. She said she didn't hear anything; I put my fingers in my ears and could still hear it and been hearing it ever since.

Actually, the wind noise over the shield on my rs gives me some relief as I don't hear it so much. My doctor told me there is not much you can do about it but try and live with it. Some good Kentucky bourbon usually helps mine for a while.