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Thread: Winching an F800gs

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    Quote Originally Posted by marchyman View Post
    Harley riders get all the neat tools:
    Interesting... I would like to try that. This is really close to a design I was considering.


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    Picking up a heavy bike

    I've seen a video reminding you to put your kick stand down if the bike is laying on the right side so when you get it up it doesn't fall over to the otherside.
    Now I just need a kick stand for the right side because I prefer falling over to the left side!

    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    This is a much better, lighter, more compact and far lower cost solution.

    I tested that winch, and while it's nice, it is *heavy* and all the stuff they show being used in the video takes a ton of room in your bags. Plus, you must have something to tie-off to, and... you really need to be careful where you attach the winch to your bike. It must be a good, balanced attachment point with minimal risk of bending something.

    For instance, the video shows an F800 with conventional forks... probably a safe bet. But what about the forks on an oilhead, which are carried by the ball on the Telever, designed to support the weight of the bike, but not pulling the weight of a stuck bike.

    In my testing, I attached to the Hepco-Becker crashbars on my 1150 GS. It worked, but there was some flexing.

    What I wish they'd come up with is a system for picking up that heavy mutha when you drop it. Mark - have you ever tried the Z-drag approach for that?


    ps => I saw this system demo'd in 2010 at the Redmond Rally.

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    To get a bike out of a place that can't be ridden out of I carry an EZ Pull, a very small block and tackle capable of picking up 500 pound, moving it 9' at a time.
    Compressed down it's about the size of a pack of cigarettes and weighs very little.

    In addition I carry a couple of rated slings and carabiners to connect the EZ Pull to the bike and the anchor, which could be something natural or in a pinch I can pound my Enduro Star Trail Stand into the ground if nothing else is around to anchor to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostrider View Post
    To get a bike out of a place that can't be ridden out of I carry an EZ Pull...
    Man, I sure do wish you'd post more here, your info and photos are excellent.

    Any chance you'll be able to ride to Salem this summer?

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Thank you Visian! (insert blushing smiley)
    I'm surprised nobody here had mentioned the EZ Pull, it's a great kit.

    As a freelance contractor it's hard to plan that far in advance, I'm usually working in the summer months but if possible I would like to make it out. Salem is a very attractive area to visit and would love for Nancy and I to explore the area. The last MOA event I went to was the Big Rally in Wisconsin and had a good time.

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