I am resurrecting a low mileage 1981 R100 that was briefly submerged (five feet of water in the garage... just a tad too much rain following a two year drought... be careful what you pray for) and I've run across a slight perplexity with the top end rebuild. My Clymer manual notes that the rocker spindles should be installed with the "punch marked" end up and out. None of my rocker spindles are punch marked at all. As this was not the case on my 1976 R90/6 I didn't pay much attention to the orientation of the spindles when I pulled them out of the rockers to clean up the needle bearings (classic blunder).

Each spindle has two oiling holes in the interior wall; one straight drilled hole near the end of the spindle and one diagonally chamfered hole opposite the straight hole and slightly farther in toward the center of the spindle.

Any/all guidance greatly appreciated.