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Thread: Best online mapping program!

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    Best online mapping program!

    I wanted to share with you something I have been facinated with for the past month:

    OK, so it's a mapping program like all the other BUT the really cool thing is the satillite button (upper right hand corner) where you toggle between the map and can really ZOOM in on really detailed photos of the most popular destinations. Some areas are more detailed than others.

    Check out Niagara Falls!

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    Wow! That is cool. Like I'm not already addicted to maps ; )

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thumbs up Sweet!

    Thanks for sharing!! Totally cool!!
    I did not realize that google had this feature. That makes planning my summer trip that much better

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    type "free wi-fi [zip code]" and put a zip code in there. google will tell you where to go to get online for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by username
    type "free wi-fi [zip code]" and put a zip code in there. google will tell you where to go to get online for free.
    Thanks. That is very cool.

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    brad, if you like that, type "free sex [zip code.]"

    if you put "free sex 78759" (a zip here in austin) you get a list of interesting businesses in the right hand column.

    try it for your home town too folks!

    typing "whore 78759" got me the state bar, the texas state capitol, time warner cable, and a couple more churches. this is a very honest and accurate tool!

    i don't know if we can say "whore" on here. mods - if not i can edit the post and put an asterisk in where the "o" is to disguise the word. i don't give a sh*t, i can accept that.

    anyway, type some off-color keywords and a zip code, and see which businesses google thinks will help you with what you need!

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    i'll get totally distracted with google satelite sometimes, massachusetts is super high res for the whole state and i'll do a screen shot of a friends place and circle their house, email it to them and say someone sent it to me in the mail with a "note" or something, i've only managed to fool my less internet savy friends

  8. #8 has most of the fire roads and back roads in places like New Mexico and Utah. It is much more accurate than Mapquest too.

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