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    iphone bars mount

    Seems like we sent over this recently, but I can't find the thread. I'm looking for a handle bar mount for iPhone, vibration damped, secure, etc. Recommendations?

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    I use a RAM finger mount. I used my 3GS in the same mount for years and 10s of thousands of miles and never had any vibe related issues. My iPhone 5 rides ithe same carrier.

    It should be noted that both of them were also in Otterbox Defender cases.

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    I put my iphone in a Lifeproof waterproof case, and found a mount with a RAM ball on ebay for the Lifeproof case.

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    Downs, the Otterbox doesn't seem to be waterproof. Issues there? And is there an obvious connection to the ram for the the Otterbox Defender for instance? John1691, any special vibe damping to your setup? Just fingers around the LP case?
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    Downs, answered the second question above for myself (!) but how about wetness and the Otter? Lifeproof includes waterproofness.

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    The Otterbox is water resistant but there are three areas open to the elements.

    1)Camera cutout

    2)cutout for the ear speaker

    3) cutout for the mic and speaker on the bottom.

    The Lifeproof case is more protective for sure. I bought my Otterbox prior to Lifeproof having case. If the lifeproof case would have been out by then I would have got that. The lifeproof case is waterproof down to 6 feet or something like that so riding in the rain shouldn't be a problem for it.

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    I bought a Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4, but I don't see how it is waterproof. It may be water resistant because the speaker area at the bottom is open as well as slits for the ear speaker. It does have a nice screw in plug for the ear buds.
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    Here's an example of the Lifeproof case modified with RAM Mounts...


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