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Thread: bar backs - tank bag - 2011 R1200RT

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    bar backs - tank bag - 2011 R1200RT

    Looking at putting ilium bar backs on my 2011 RT - have a BMW tank bag- yes it's big - but useful.

    Ilium bar backs bring the bars up and back 1.3 inches.

    Anyone used these with a BMW tank bag? Any interference?
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    Dear sanford4 (real name? We're friendly around here..)

    Please read: - I'm adding that info to your thread title since rather obviously with the number of hexhead models BMW made, there can be different results with different models and different bar-backs and different tank-bags.

    PLEASE put this info in your thread title for future posts to the tech forums. It makes your post more likely to be opened by someone who might be able to help, and it will probably be useful for someone seeking the same info in the future.

    Thanks for your cooperation,
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    2011 r1200 rt ilium bar backs and tank bag

    Ok so I'm replying to my own thread. Ilium bar backs and brake line extender are installed. Works ok with the BMW tank bag. Only problem I've had is at turning the handlebars to the extreme right the bag hits the kill switch.

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