'02 1150GSA

Just installed Dan Cata's Throttle Body Kits (both). I positioned the TPS as closely as I could to the pre-rebuild spot. After getting an initial 1.06v reading and fiddled around until it was .36v. Pulled the Motronic Diagnostic Plug fuse for a minute then turned the ignition and cranked the throttle 3 times.

The bike started immediately and the Throttle Bodies were nice and quiet (Thanks Dan )

Needless to say some other adjustments were needed so after a brief ride to get it up to temp I synced the cables and the bodies and off for another test ride.


Bike idles nicely at 1100rpm and at speed pulls nicely when at speed. The problem is at the point when I just start to move at low rpm from a stop or slow turn. It was faltering and I had to give it more throttle or it would certainly die. Again this is just at that low rpm from about 1200 to 2k.

When I got back I checked the cable sync and throttle bodies with a manometer and they were both good. From the 1100rpm idle in neutral I just slowly rolled on the throttle to replicate my earlier problem only in a stationary position. When it got to 2k rpm it stalled. Now had I throttled up more quickly it would have made it through that problem area.

Is this a TPS issue, should I recheck the voltage on the TPS, does it take more than one 5 mile ride for the Motronic to learn the throttle range?

So......someone kick me in the right direction for this glitch.