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Thread: 2011 rt bar backs

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    2011 rt bar backs

    Need some suggestions on bar backs. Looking for a slightly more comfortable riding position on my 2011 RT - slightly more upright and back - like to ride fairly agressively - questions - which bar backs have folks used and what do they recommend? Can you still see the stock mirrors? Does the bike still feel as aggressive? Not looking for a sit back on my arse harely ride.

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    I'm using the Helibar bar risers and have no complaints. They say that no new cables are required and while I haven't replaced any I did re-route the brake line into the little metal loop instead of leaving it outside of the loop. I'd be more comfortable with another inch or two (of course we all would...) but the dealer didn't think it was an issue.

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    I was considering bar risers for my RT.

    I put on grip wraps (Beemer Buddies), and I found that the very slight additional rise at each grip (just a few millimeters), coupled with the increased grip circumference (which I suppose makes a difference with tension throughout the arm, shoulder, and back), was enough of an improvement to make me skip the risers for now.

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    2010+ R1200RT Bar Risers

    I will refer you to my research on bar risers for my 2010 RT as summarized here:

    Basically I think any of them will do the job. The big question is whether you need longer cables. I finally selected the Verholen (very pricey and not necessarily that much better than lower cost risers) and the stock cables just barely work. Like Gadgetech I played around with the cables and fittings to make them more lax:

    The nice thing about the Ilium risers is that they come with extended brake cable:

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