Just before Christmas, I responded to a EBA post about a '99 Yamaha Venture. It was a Bike for sale.

Strangely, being that I have had over 37 bikes in my 50 years of riding (Currently have a /6 and a R1200RT), and for some obtuse and bizarre reason I place a very low bid on this very heavy 980 lb ALIEN BEAST. Never, really never, imagining that I would win this machine (it does have cruise and a radio). It seems that i was the only person bidding and a few days later I received a email stating that I was a "WINNER". or was that "Loser"

Now, this "Beast", happens to be living in Lewiston, Id. waiting my arrival by airplane on the 30th of April. With all of my heated gear, boots, helmets etc, for a ride through the mountains. I have stratigically planned to be in Denver one week later and flying back to warm Daytona Beach.

OK, I am looking for a temporary home near the Denver airport for about a month when I will return, go to the "
TOP Of THE ROCKIES" and the MOA Rally. Before riding back to Florida. Can some one help me here? I will be happy to provide a monetary reward for Venture lodging. But I will need acess to busses or taxi for Denver's main airport.

ANY ADVICE IS WANTED including the purchase of a Yamaha Venture in the fall.

thank you in advance