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Thread: From RT to 2013 GS LC

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    Smile From RT to 2013 GS LC

    Ever since trading my GS for an RT, I regretted the GS. Not that the RT is not a good bike. In fact, it is wonderful, comfortable, it has tremendous protection in every weather, it is powerful and it handles beutifully in the twsties. But the fun factor had disappeared, along with the crazy looks of the GS, the standing up on the pegs on our terrible street surfaces and the idea that I could do anything and go anywhere (within reason.) Plus the RT was heavy and cumbersome for everyday riding and parking in town, going to work, on errands... So, when I saw the new GS' specs, most notably cruise control, ride modes and (hopefully) better ESA (dynamic?) and screen, less weight, not mentioning more power and torque, I couldn't resist. So, I made a leap of faith, sold the RT after only 15 monhs and ordered the new GS, recalls and all. I should get it by the end of March. Can hardly wait. And never mind the heated seats, I'll get myself better winter underwear.
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    For me a 1200GS will do everything an RT can, but not the other way around. There is a reason it is BMW's best selling bike. The all new GS sounds like it should be better in almost every way. It's nice to start seeing ride reports from new owners who came from other BMW's, opposed to professional testers.
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