I recently did a clutch and slave cylinder replacement on a 2002 R1150RT. I read as much as I could beforehand on what could be the issues with my slipping clutch. As it turned out the transmission seal right next to the slave cylinder was letting tranny oil into the cavity next to the slave cylinder. Oncce the cavity approached half full the oil runs out along the pushrod and saturates the clutch. Common problem as I understand it. All went fairly well and I am almost completely assembled except for the plastic. I was disapointed to find that I have one M8 x 55mm long socket head cap screw that I do not have a home for. Hinde sight is 2020 I know.... I should have separated and bagged all of the fasteners on a per component basis and this would not have happened.

Does any body know where I might find a clue to the where this bold might go? I have been over every inch of the bike and have not found it yet.