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Thread: Center stand vs side stand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aklepacki View Post
    Are there any adverse effects to a Boxer engine by routinely parking the bike using only the Side stand instead of on the Center stand?
    During riding months, I park the bike in my driveway which is concrete, not asphalt. During the winter, I park the bike in my back yard, with a cover inside a ShelterKing cycle bag. I am getting older and pulling my R100RT up onto the center stand is starting to become a chore.
    I know that leaning the bike to form a "V", it has more stability in windy conditions.
    I know that there is a "problem" with the side stand sinking into soft dirt or melted asphalt during hot summer months.
    I know that R1200C's only came with a side stand.
    Here is what I have observed. I have two BMW R100RT, one is a 1982 and the second is a 1989. The 89 is a dream to pull up in the centre stand while the 82, I have to call AMA for a tow truck to get the Bloody Thing up. I have a 2009 R1200RT and I am not sure what this animal is going to be like, as it was delivered just when the snow started to fly so I can't comment.

    Agree with the Boss (Kurt) in that "One issue with using the sidestand all the time is that potentially oil can drain past the rings on the left side into the combustion chamber, resulting in some initial smoke finally leading to oil build up in the chamber. Also, in certain situations with an improper working float system on the left side, gas might be able to build up enough and fill the combustion chamber...then when you hit the start button, you get hydraulic lock and bend a rod."
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