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Thread: Center stand vs side stand?

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    Center stand vs side stand?

    Are there any adverse effects to a Boxer engine by routinely parking the bike using only the Side stand instead of on the Center stand?
    During riding months, I park the bike in my driveway which is concrete, not asphalt. During the winter, I park the bike in my back yard, with a cover inside a ShelterKing cycle bag. I am getting older and pulling my R100RT up onto the center stand is starting to become a chore.
    I know that leaning the bike to form a "V", it has more stability in windy conditions.
    I know that there is a "problem" with the side stand sinking into soft dirt or melted asphalt during hot summer months.
    I know that R1200C's only came with a side stand.

    1. 1995 R100RT, with later centerstand (foot pad)
    2. Front & rear suspension has been totally rebuilt (no sagging front or rear)
    3. During the winter, the bike is on the centerstand with a thin wooden block under the front wheel to elevate it off the ground and to keep the rear tire off the ground as well. AK
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