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Thread: Motus Motorcycles

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    Quote Originally Posted by sloride View Post
    If I had an extra $40,000 hanging around I think I would probably have the MST-R. Hey they even throw in a centerstand
    For 40K, I'll take a Ducati, and a trip to Italy to ride it in the Dolomites, thank you very much.
    And STILL Have change left for another bike of my choosing.
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    I'm rooting for them to succeed for atleast the next five years after they start selling them, then get bought out by the likes of Polaris to streamline the build process, share controls and parts where they can to get prices down. Not unlike what they're doing with Indian. Polaris could use a good sport/standard style bike line. I'd also like to see them go to a belt drive instead of chain. No maintenance.

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    Honda and the other J brands just don't build light bikes except for some of the sportbikes.
    I think Honda especially bringing out a light sport touring type is complete fantasy- they'd need to redesign everything on their current models in different materials- from frame to plastics....
    They're as bad as Mercedes who seem able to make motors that make giant power but fail to get comparable performance results because the pig weight of the vehicles offsets the power added.
    Take a look at the published weights of any twin turbo S or even a C63...

    BMW bikes by comparison do a good job at weight control- even the 6 is pretty light for what the complete package delivers..Of course, a few of BMW foibles are tracable to this as well....

    I would very much like to see another major American motorcycle brand appear but I see nothing in the strategy, financing, etc of any that make it probable. Buell lacks the cash and may be out of design steam except for a small niche, Motus and Conderate are attacking a tiny slice of the market, and Polaris Indian is going to have a tough time carving away Harley riders- and won't get J brand cruiser types unless it keeps pricing competitive- which seems unlikely.

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