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Thread: Alaska trip before the Salem rally

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    Alaska trip before the Salem rally

    Leaving San Antonio, Tx end of May headed to Alaska by way of Las Vegas. Headed to the Salem rally after enjoying (hopefully) 3 or 4 weeks riding in Alaska.
    Anyone interested in going along?

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    Time will tell:)

    Alaska, one of my last frontiers to ride in. I have yet to make it all the way there, but its on my list indeed. IF I have time and retire before Summer, I will go. Salem is on my list too, as I don't miss many National Rallies. Good luck in your travels way North. Maybe we meet up. I ride GSA1200 and camp a lot, prepared for most conditions. 60 in age. Riding BMW 40+ years now. Happy Trails to ya, Randy

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    I will be in Alaska prior to the Rally. Will ride down to Salem and arrive at the Rally on the 16th - 17th. I'm planning on riding from Central Illinois up to Deadhorse via the Icefield Parkway on the way up. Want to check out the Sea to Sky on the way back down. After the Rally, I will continue down Highway 1 along the coast to at least LA before heading over towards New Mexico. I'm planning to leave from home around the middle of the last week of June.
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