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Thread: BMW and Campagna Motors "relationship"....

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    Cool BMW and Campagna Motors "relationship"....

    These "bikes"...have had my attention for several years...and I have wanted one since. With the email I received telling me about their new engine deal...I have to have one!

    PS - SWEET!!!

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    That completely slipped past me.

    I had the chance to give on a look at one parked near a Caterham 7 at Baxter Cycle during one of their events. Really interesting. BMW has been involved in research at the university level and has been an engine supplier at various times for three wheeled vehicles in EU. Glad to see they will be a supplier on this side of the pond.

    My budget will never allow one but I am still up for a test drive or borrowing one for an afternoon...or two or three
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    The system I use blocked the site. ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS. frank

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    Blocked sites are a bummer. I want to drive one too...and with the right powerball numbers I just might buy one!

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