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    Torque Wrench recommendations

    I am trying to build out my wrenching capabilities and having a good quality torque wrench seems like a good idea. I noticed that a top of the line Snap-On wrench can approach $500. Not likely.

    So, any suggestions for what I should buy. Have no problem hunting down a used one, but I'd like an experienced guy to tell me what to look for. In particular:

    -what size drive?? I'm guessing 3/8" for the widest range of applications, but what do I know?
    -brand matter?? Any to avoid?
    -speaking of avoid...anything to avoid?
    -is "used" a good idea? or a bad idea?
    -many suggest having the wrenches calibrated. Can any wrench be calibrated...or is only the more expensive wrenches?
    -buy a newton meter wrench...or ft.lbs and convert?? Or should I expect one wrench to do it all?
    -what's the most useful range of torque settings on a wrench? Do I need two wrenches? Three? C'mon.
    -what should I expect to pay?

    Many thanks,

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    I have two
    Both sears and 3/8 drive micro click
    One has about a 10 inch handle and handles the lower metric ranges
    The other has a 14in handle and higher metric range for wheels and axel torque requirements
    Both see limited use only used for maintaining two bikes
    I would avoid the very cheap ones found at HF, and discount stores
    Most will say avoid the Chinese made wrenches, and go with US, German or Swedish made

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    Actually I would recommend the Harbor Freight offerings. One of the major car magazines just did a Consumer Reports style test and the Harbor Freight units were rated very high for accuracy. Better than one of the Snap-on wrenches.
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    I would suggest getting two wrenches. One in inch pounds and another in foot pounds.
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    I use a couple of 3/8" torque wrenches, each having a different range. Remember, that a torque wrench tends to be most accurate in it's mid-range. As well, a 1/2" drive is occasionally needed, but not as frequently as the 3/8" drives. Try to find torque wrenches which display both Nm and ft/lbs.

    I'd definite go for new, and if the H.F. ones have a good review, why not start with one from there?
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    I have two Harbor Freight "click" type torque wrenches. One in inch lbs theother in Ft lbs. I also have a Craftsman I paid decent money for.

    For your average shade tree mech like myself who only works on their own vehicles I'd suggest just getting a Harbor Freight model. You can buy a bunch of them for the cost of one "high end" torque wrench.

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