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Thread: Quietest Helmet

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    Another Schuberth lover...

    I have a C3 and LOVE it. I did have a "hot spot" on the top of my forehead, but used a spoon to flatten that area in the helmet a little and now it's perfect. Very quiet and the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned.
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    Jack Herbst
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    Quietest Helmet is always the one you wear ear plugs with! You are expecting the unatainable if you are looking for a "quiet" Helmet.

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    Ed Kilner #176066
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    Last September I splurged for a Shoei Neotec. I'm very pleased with the fit and quiet. Yes, I wear custom earplugs and there is still some noise. Was riding in a high valley just south of Corning NY. No sidewind, and the helmet was totally, eerily silent. Never experienced that before.

    The neck roll idea is probably a good one. Any accessory to do that?
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    The first thing you need to do is have your head measured and evaluated by someone who knows what they're doing. So many people have advised this or that helmet... One of the most important components to comfort and silence is a helmet that fits your head shape. Now, you stated that you wanted the quietest modular helmet on the market. They are, by nature, not quiet, period. Quiet of course is a relative term.

    In my opinion, you should strongly consider a full face helmet in the highest quality you can afford. To me, that would mean a Shoei or an Arai helmet. Most people either have a Shoei or Arai head. Arai has the most variations of head shapes to choose from in the world. Dertermine what shape your head is and buy accordingly. If you've never been to please search this site for helemt reviews. It's worth the read.

    The next and most important component to a quiet helmet will be the use of ear plugs. There are a lot of variations of these jewels so be patient. Try the roll up foam, silicone, wax, and even the custom kind until you reach nirvana. For me personally, I've settled on a pair of Moldex Comets, 26 NRR. Washable, reusable, and inexpensive.

    I know you are asking for the most qiuet helmet on the market, just don't expect any modular to be as quiet as a full face. It is a certain impossiblility. With every helmet there are trade offs. With modulars, it's noise intrusion.
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    C-3 is the only helmet that allows you to dispense with the earplugs. It's so quiet inside, you won't need 'em. I've had mine for three years now, and I love it. I'm a daily rider, riding at least 200 miles a week. I live in Seattle, so I'm often riding in the rain. The helmet has performed flawlessly for three years.
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    I have a Shoei Neotec and have been impressed with low noise level.

    I originally wanted a C3 until I tried one on at the dealer. Was very painful on my noggin.

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    Our Schuberth helmets are so quiet I have these irrational thoughts that I should wear earplugs and listen to recordings of jet engines...that or drill holes in the side of the helmet...well...I just REALLY love my Schuberth!

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