I am looking at a 2009 F650GS for sale at a dealer some distance away (6 hours). I haven't been to the dealership yet to view and ride the bike, but of course I will once and if I get to that point. I asked the dealer for the shop check list for the status of the bike. In the email they said the drive chain needed to be serviced and that the dust seals on the front forks were cracked. IMHO, the answers from the salesman were a little vague.

1. Other than oiling the chain and checking alignment what "service" would be done to a drive chain? The drive chain was recalled in 2010 by BMW.

2. Why would the dust seals be cracked on a four year old bike? Is that a warning sign of other problems? Is that much of a fix. Does it say anything about the condition of the oil seals (shop stated there are no sign of fork leaks).

Thanks for any comments.