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Thread: Too much Turbulence on my 88 RS windscreen

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    +1 on stock shield

    I've ridden an rs for over thirty years and have tried all heights and the stock shield with the edging on it is the best.

    In the last few years I have gone to ear plugs and a better quality helmet than the ones I used to buy at walmart in my younger days.

    Stock shield, ear plugs and a quality helmet will be the best and look the best; putting a taller shield on an rs just doesn't do it for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saggs View Post
    JCARR, which model K75 bars are you running? Are they the C or S or ???Thx for the tips
    I think they are "S" bars. They were given to me by a friend that did not know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    There is simply no such thing as bolts/nuts that will break away in the fashion the rivets will. For sure you won't find them at Home Depot.
    The nylon nuts and bolts that come with the Parabellum, Clearview and other mfg 's are easily obtainable at any hardware store. The reason that they are used is to prevent cracking plexiglass by over-tightening and because they will breakaway when needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Wanderer View Post
    Well I guess I spoiled the lines on mine. The humanity! OH NO!!!

    I put bar backs on it, RT style larger mirrors and mirror extenders so I could actually see what's behind me and a tinted Parabellum medium height windscreen which actually works quite well. She slips down the highway real nice.
    That's what I have on my current RS and the S in RS clothing before her. It works well for me, too.
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    I'm 6'4" - My R90/6 has no fairing & is the quietest ride of all - providing I use a neck gaiter to seal the area between my shoulders and the bottom of my Arai (and other full face) helmet(s).

    My R1100RT and K1200LT with stock fairings both give me an intolerable roar which is due to blow-off from the top of the firing hitting my helmet forehead. I arranged for a vibration expert where I work to analyze what is happening. He showed that the turbulent windstream hitting the forehead made the helmet bottom vibrate in the bell mode - i. e. the sides go in and out together while the front/back goes out and in together (read that again), at about 80 Hz. That explained why it sounded like the noise was coming from the very center of my head.

    What to do? - I'd like to try to increase the damping of that mode of vibration using an old helmet by epoxying a constrained layer damping ring all around the bottom of the helmet. This would use a ~3/4" wide ring of ~1/16" thick damping material (google Soundcoat) with a metal ring bonded to the outside of everything.

    Then my wife threw out all my old helmets & that was the end of that. I decided that maybe earplugs are the most practical solution.

    There are three sources of helmet noise. 1) the bell mode of vibration, 2) shoulder gasket (for unfaired bikes), and 3) general beating around of the helmet shell with random gusts.

    I considered the possibility of active noise suppression such as are used in aviation headsets, and suggested the same to Headsets Inc, but was unable to get a response. The Headsets Inc scheme is analog - not digital - which is the only way to approach our random noise problem. They are limited though to below about 200 Hz and the reduction is only about 10 to 20 db. I don't think that is enough reduction to allow us to remove the ear plugs.

    Which is where I started. Different helmet manufacturers don't seem to make much difference. They all claim silence and none of them are.

    It is an interesting problem.
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