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Thread: Crash bar issue R1200GS

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    Crash bar issue R1200GS

    Installed a new set of Touratech crash bars last year. Recently went down at 5+ mph when front tire hit sand on very gnarly gravel/paved road. The bottom left side of the crashbar is pushed up against the 2nd spark plug and the whole left side is torqued back a bit. Really surprised that they bent so much. Was wondering if anyone has done anything to repair bars by straightening (is that possible?) or just replaced them or feel that hey, no problem - leave em alone. They seem real close to the left cylinder head now and I am worried that in a future spill that they will contact the cylinder head dramatically. Are these only so so bars and are there better ones? Thx for any input!
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    Remove bars, put in big vice, hit with a very big hammer where needed. You might need to get out a long, strong lever, too. Even better is the use of a press if your (or a friend) has one.

    I have not taken the time or effort to get mine perfect. I've got them so they are not touching anything they shouldn't be touching and the mounting holes line up without tension. When they were new I could pull the valve cover without doing anything with the bars. Now I need to loosen (but nor remove) the bars to get at the valve cover. That's OK with me.

    My bars are bent due to dirt drops, a low side on the road, and being hit by a deer. The deer strike tweaked the bars the worst, driving them back into the valve cover where the bar left a half-moon dimple. I'm not complaining: the deer did not knock me down.

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