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Thread: R1100RS Race Bike Set-Up

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    R1100RS Race Bike Set-Up


    Besides the San Jose BMW Team, has anyone in BMWMOA road raced a BMW R1100RS? If you did, what set up/mods did you do to prepare your bike?

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    I have done a couple track days with my R1100S but no racing.

    IMHO, unless you have lots of $$ to put into it, it is a heavy bike to be throwing around. Especially on tighter tracks.

    Even lightly modded Ducs would fly by me on the NHMS front straight. (sure- some might be the idiot holding the R bike throttle)

    How much modification did you have in mind?

    BTW, this was what the edge of my Pilot Power 2CT rear looked like after the first track day. To show that I wasn't just out there on an easy cruise.

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    Did some track days on an RS, best set up, Ohlin's or other quality suspension, and sticky tires. A short (GS or BCR) rear torque arm will quicken the turn in by raising the rear. Agree with the above about actual Racing, too heavy and underpowered to be competitive, you will still have fun, but never get to kiss the trophy girl.
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    It's not an RS, but there is a guy that races his BMW with WERA Vintage. If he is there this Saturday I'll make sure to take some pics of it. Of course it's an Airhead but it did look quite nice when I saw him last year.

    For those of you that have thought about racing, look into WERA Vintage. Classes for pretty much any bike ever built and they keep them all very competitive.

    Heading to Tally this Saturday with my FZR400 and RZ350. Sadly I can't get the RD400 running or I'd be on that too.

    I realize that we also have AHRMA but WERA is a lot more flexible on their rules.

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    I would also get rid of the rubber mounts for the handlebars and change over to solid mounts. On the track I would not want anything that reduces my feel for the front end of the bike. The rubber mounts do slightly delay feedback.
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