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Thread: rear drive spline lube

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    rear drive spline lube

    How often should the driveshaft splines be inspected and lubed on a 2003 GS1150? Thanks

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    Every day. Sorry for the bad news bro..maybe you soul save yourself the hassle and sell it to me.
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    There is no spec that I've ever heard of. I think most folks will lube those splines if the bike is apart for some other reason, but that's about it. The front and rear splines of the driveshaft are held in place by circlips. I've never heard of the "middle" splines having an issue.

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    exactly which splines are you referring to?
    you said "rear drive" in your thread title, and "driveshaft splines" in the body of yyour question.

    regardless, as Jim stated, nothing specified, but most likely time is when you're in there for something else, like replacing/adjusting pivot bearings, or fixing a leaking shaft seal in rear hub.
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    I do mine every time I remove the rear wheel as that is when I change the final drive lube anyway. On my 06 it is necessary to drop the drive to drain it and that exposes the rear splines. The last time I looked the splines had plenty of grease left in place I used a mixture of Honda Moly 60 and Wurth 3000 grease.
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