After adjusting the preload on my front shock I adjusted the height of the headlight beam. When I was satisfied with that adjustment I thought I would tweak the side to side adjustment.
Bad idea.......
1/2 turn and the plastic head in the adjuster fell off! There is a nice clean hole in the adjuster head where a shaft fits into it. Has anyone disassembled one of these units to make a repair?
I haven't had the rig out to see just how far out of whack it is. Judging on the garage wall it does not appear to have moved significantly. Don't know yet if it will bounce around when on the road.
I actually had this headlight replaced under warranty when the internal portion of this adjuster broke and pointed the headlight off to the right of the bike. That was an interesting 50 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the dark! Thank goodness for aux lights.
Max lists the part at $534. BeemerBoneYard wants $260 when they have one.
Anybody happen to have one in their parts pile?