Our local newspaper just ran an Associated Press article about the 2012 drought and ethanol production. A few highlights:

- "...of the nation's 211 ethanol plants, 20 have ceased production over the past year, inluding 5 in January."

- "Still, there is growing concern about what happens if the drought lingers through another corn-growing season."

- "About 95 percent of US ethanol is made from corn."

- "...39 percent of the US corn crop is used in ethanol production."

- "Even though more acres were planted in 2012 compared to 2011, about 13 percent less corn was harvested."

- "...not much of an issue for consumers, at least for now, because there are plenty of stockpiles of ethanol."

- "...the nation has more than 20 million barrels of ethanol in stock."

In case you thought this was good news and surely the EPA would re-think increasing ethanol content to 15% in gasoline, the last two quotes will set you straight. I feel sorry for the corn farmers but wish they would make corn flakes instead of ethanol.