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Thread: Hall sensor '90 K100LT

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    Hall sensor '90 K100LT

    I would like to know if any K75 or K100 owners had to change their Hall effect sensor.
    If so, what were the signs that the bike exhibited that led to having to change it.

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    My K75 would start in the morning, run 8 minutes and shut off. Punch the starter and continue on my way. It only happened in the morning. Dealer replaced Hall Sensors and the problem went away. In most cases, the engine will shut off as it warms up and may or may not restart.

    You can pull the cover and warm the sensor with a hair dryer and see if stops.

    I also had a similar problem later that turned out to be the fuel pump solder connection in the float unit in the tank.

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    Please read:!

    I've added that info to the title of your thread.

    As to your problem, this might be helpful:


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    Cool 1990 K100LT Hall Effect Sensor

    Thanks for the help, 98Lee. I followed your additional
    site for advice; the one with 5 different steps to follow.
    I'll definitely do then in order-all of them.
    The bike runs perfect in the cooler months. So the tips
    are great.
    BTW..I lived in Livermore for 5 years in the early '70s.
    Humberto in New Mexico
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