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    Question Route 66

    I guess Rout66 (or US 40), Chicago to LA, is out of the question in July due to heat, cage traffic and tourists? I'm sure others have tried and I would be interested in their experiences before I start gearing up.

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    It's doable, but it will be very hot in the southwest. Flagstaff, AZ is at 7,000+ feet, but going up and coming back down it will be hot. Probably 105+ in Needles, CA and 100+ across the Mojave desert through Barstow. A lot of the old US-66 is rideable just off I-40 in AZ and CA.
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    Big deal. Heat ain't nothing. Just go ahead and ride when you can. Sure, it will be a bit warm, but you can stop any time and get an a/c restaurant, bar, or motel.
    And elevation will be cooler.
    Just ride. That's what it's all about.

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    My first time on that route was in July 1969 in my 66 Corvette, no air conditioning, torn shifter boot allowing engine heat into the car, and 105+. Ah, those were the days. Lived to tell about it.

    You will find the ride more interesting if you research the route and try to ride most of the original road instead of I-40. A lot of Americana history, In Az you will be at elevation until west of Ash Fork. Down to Kingman which is around 3000 ft. From there it will get hot. 60+ miles to Needles. I did it once on my Yamaha Venture and had to adjust the speed based on the coolant temp instead of the speedometer. Over 80 it would start to get too hot. Pulled into a fuel station with the attendant hosing down the drive. I parked the bike and walked over to him, took the hose from him and directed it down my back.

    Your ride will be limited by how much time you want to spend on the road, sightseeing, etc. Iron Butt pace it can be done in 2 days or less, tourist pace might take a couple of weeks. It can be easliy done in July.


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    Well worth watching if you haven't seen it, it's four episodes, available on DVD and elsewhere.

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    I just went and searched youtube and you can find it there.

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