I had previously asked for advice on NM regarding an upcoming retirement ride from NC. Since then, plans have completely changed. FWIW, Summer is the wrong time of year to be traveling across west Texas and into southern NM. High winds and heat will be the order of the day. It would be ok once you reach northern NM and into CO but my wife suggested another plan, Nova Scotia.

I like the idea. I'm going to ride the motorcycle north into WV (motorcycling's best kept secret), then meander over into PA and stop by some historical sights. One in particular -Gettysburg. Once I get my fill of history, I'm headed for CT and on further northeast to Maine. My wife will fly into Hartford or maybe Portland and then we'll continue over to Nova Scotia.

Anyone that has any experience with this region, I'd love to hear from you. Where you stayed, what to avoid, etc.

Thanks in advance