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Thread: How to carry extra fuel?

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    along the wisconsin river here in central wisconsin
    luftmeister aux. tanks,about a gallon each,full of explosafe used in nascar tanks,made out of aluminum.Been using them for years. Good luck finding these in pristine condition like mine!
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    Peg Packers work well for me.

    Below they are shown mounted on Doris Wiedermann's F800GS the day she returned from Deadhorse to our place in Fairbanks, AK. She had just completed a ride from Key West to Deadhorse in February. My wife has used them on both her F650GS single and Twin.

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    Hmm those are a really good idea. My Pax pegs never get used anyway.

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    There is soon to be available for the F800GS and F650GS another option.

    The Camel Tank

    It is being developed by a fellow I know locally and he expects to have it in production and available in a few months. The photos are of the test fitting (to my F800GS) of the mock-up made to the final dimensions.
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    Wow that thing is impressive. And IIRC the thread said it was going to be sub 500 dollars

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    Seriously, is this extra fuel really needed? Where are you folks going( I remember an "on hwy stretch" in ID that was over 200 miles & another from Bella Coola , B.C. that was 400+k with no gas ) that has no fuel-aside from deep into the desert?
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    In the western states it's a lot easier to get caught out without gas especially on a bike like the F800 that will only make 200 miles on a tank if you are getting decent mileage. Some of these back country stores close earlyish and shut down their pumps. It's not like back east where there seemed to be a gas station every few hundred yards. Even in Texas I can't remember driving more than 50 miles without seeing a gas station unless you were in far west Texas.

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    Here's what I did on my k75s

    Primus fuel bottles inside..I carry one other inside a me right at an extra gallon. Yup, I got lots of tools and spares in the other bag. But, guess what? I've never run out of gas or broken down on the road.
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    Love the rocket-power look! Bet folks don't tailgate.


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    Made mine:)

    Using the right side passenger foot peg, I made an iron rack out of rebar and flat steel plate to make a rack that holds my 1.5 gallon red gas can there on the foot peg. Its not permanent, so I use VERY strong zip ties(the really big tough ones) and strap the rack in place around foot peg and GSA frame. Its a trick setup, looks nice and saddlebag actually protects the gas can, IF a fall occurs, the gas can won't hit first. Turns out the balance is perfect, opposite side of heavy muffler. I usually will dispense the gas AS SOON as the tank will allow it to come inside!(first 75 miles or so.) Just don't want to carry gas all day outside of the main tank. Sorry for the no pics, but you get the idea, right foot peg gets used as a solo rider. Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Don't carry it in the left bag. I've heard of the left bag of the K1200GT/RS dropping down onto the muffler and catching fire.

    That's not what happened in this case, but the bag did catch fire.
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    You mean like this? One gallon fuel bladder from Just Gas Tanks

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